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Rift Builds is a talent build site for players of Rift. This site has a listing of Rift talent builds for Clerics, Warriors, Rogues and Mages.

The game is currently in the beta phase now but already shows a lot of promise and there is a lot of flexibility as to how you play and setup your character.

Above you will see links to all of the Rift Talent Build sites for Warrior Builds, Mage Builds, Cleric Builds and Rogue Builds. Each of these sites contain current Rift talent builds you can use to setup your character and other information that should make it easier to play your class.

Currently there are several sites where you can make talent builds of yours own; if you want to submit any builds to any of my sites simply email them to admin@riftbuilds.com. In your build put a link to your build that you have made, include a short discription about the build and what it is to be used for (PVE, PVP, tank, healer, aoe, etc).

The current character creation sites you can use to create Rift talent builds on are:

  • Rift-Planner.com - Soul Planner
  • RiftRoleBuilder.com - Rift: Planes of Telara Role Builder
  • Rift.Zam.com/en/stc.html - Zam's Soul Builder
  • *please note where the game is in beta builds may change often or be invalid. Please let me know if you notice any builds that do not work.

    In Rift you have the ability to access many different soul talent trees to make very many variations in specs you can play, there are 4 different classes, each class has 7 different trees they can select and 3 of these trees can be used to pick your talents from. These trees determine what your character will be focusing on. You also have the ability to have many off specs so a warrior could, for example, switch back and forth between DPS or Tank or PVP spec.

    Rift Buids Site News:

    I have just opened the sites so there are a lot things to do; I will be adding and removing a lot of builds before and after the release of the game. Feel free to email me feedback on what you would like to see on the site and I will see what I can do.


    Click on any of the following for specific Rift class soul builds:


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